About company

Kurgan meat processing plant “Standart” is one of the oldest enterprises of meat-processing industry in Russia. Since 1907, our meat-processing plant has been producing the products of high - quality, at all times remaining a leader in the introduction of new technologies. Today the company is confidently one of the top-three Russian manufacturers of canned meat and meat-and-vegetable canned food.

Company’s history

Year of the Company’s foundation

Founding of the Danish company "Brüel & Tegerson" and the sausage and bacon production of theEnglish company "Union".

Certificates and awards

Diplomas and medals are recognition of our achievements by the professional community.

Annually the Company takes part in the most significant international and domestic exhibitions of the branch.

Kurgan meat processing plant is a repeatedly winner of the quality competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of RF, the magazine “Test Purchase”; and it is the Laureate of the Program “Top 100 products of Russia”

Raw Stock

Since 2013 we make our products using flesh of pigs which are grown at our own pig complex, located in the ecologically clean district of the Kurgan region.

The project of the complex construction was implemented by the Austrian company Schauer, with it’s strong point to focus on the individual projects’ creation. And our pig complex is equipped with modern systems for maintaining a microclimate and feeding control, manual labor is minimized. The breeding stock was purchased from the British company PIC, one of the leaders in its industry. Now the complex is an absolutely self-sufficient enterprise with a well- oiled technology.

Our own pig complex guarantees an uninterrupted supply of high-quality chilled raw materials for production. This allows the plant to remain a bona fide supplier regardless of market fluctuations.

Product Range

  • The meat processing plant “Standart” specializes in making meat and meat-vegetable canned products, sausages and delicatessen.
  • We keep track of the market tendencies, analyze the needs of the trade networks, study consumers’ behavior, and finally determine the best possible assortment to offer our buyers. Our price policy is aimed at satisfying the needs of all buyers irrespective of their purchasing power.
  • Canned products is represented both by a series of products, consisting of traditional meat and meat-vegetable canned food, hams, pates, and by novelties: meat fillings, fitness fillets, vegetarian pies.
  • In the products we use flesh of pigs grown at our own pig complex and always only quality meat for making sausages and delicatessen.
  • We continue developing new product lines, in 2016 we started production of linked sausages for the children from 3 years. Our sausage division makes more than 50 product names.
  • Kurgan meat processing plant obtained the certificate granting right to start production of the Halal products. Products ‘compliance with Halal requirements confirms the highest quality of the ingredients included in the composition, the absence of prohibited components in the list of ingredients.

Quality standards

  • All production processes comply with the restrictions specified by the Laws of Russia and EC in the area of the quality and food safety.
  • We are constantly enhancing the quality management system based on FSSC 22000 standards.
  • Quality of the incoming raw stock and the finished products is inspected in the on-site licensed laboratory.
  • Tins with finished canned products are kept in the warehouse for at least 11 days. We are happy to offer our clients only safe and quality products.
  • A food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP in relation to import, processing, storage and sale of products has been introduced in production.


  • Canned food production

    The meat processing plant “Standart” is one of the leaders in production of meat and meat-vegetable canned products. From 2014 to 2016 we completely refurbished the canning division: the whole production chain starting from raw stock processing and filling and finishing with packing and delivery to the warehouse was arranged in a new better manner in accordance with the strict current requirements .

    Now we use the up-to-date equipment of the best European manufacturers which makes it possible to comply with the international and Russian quality standards. High product quality and increase of production efficiency is achieved through automation of the most part of the production processes

  • Sausage production

    In 2020 the meat workshop was modernized by expending the production facilities and implanting new packaging equipment. Thus, the productivity of production has been increased and new products have been released.

    The company produces more than 200 types of cooked and smoked sausages and semi-finished products. Monthly shipments of fresh meat products are more than 250 tons.

Photo of our production


The products of the Kurgan meat-processing plant "Standard" are sold through an extensive dealer network, consisting of more than 120 distributors and ensuring the representation of products in all regions of Russia.

The company actively cooperates with all federal and large local retail chains. Kurgan Meat Processing Plant Standard is focused on expanding sales markets, is certified for export sales and supplies its products to 11 countries of the world.